The environment

Whatever the side of the road you are arriving at Domaine Gavoty you will understand that here you will not be bothered, that time can just stop and you will enjoy every moment.

Mme Gavoty is the owner of a 5 generation winemakers, she never thought about doing something else and her wine clients thank her for that. You will be immerged in a countryside lifestyle the time you are here surrounded by farm animals and vineyards.

The Gîte

The main house, where you will be staying is a magnificient wood and family house that Mrs Gavoty now opens for guests. 30 people can stay here in the same time, each having a bedroom with a different but traditional provencal style. You will walk on carrelage local, have portraits on the walls, see the charpente while on the main dining room. If you like authenticity you will be served. You might also like to spend some time by the fireplace if you are coming during the winter time.

Coming in the sunny season, you might take advantage of the swimming pool in front of you. But in any season, there plenty of walks around that you can enjoy and start hunting for mushrooms, flowers, ride a horse, or just relax and forget about anything else… As we said here time flyes…

What about the cellar and the vineyards?

The winery consists of a main building where you will taste the wines from the property and from a new building a bit further but that you can visit after after a short walk. Mrs Gavoty porte une réelle importance of producing the more natural wines to respect the surrounding nature that she is first to enjoy day after day. Pay her a visit and you will be granted.

Perfect for weddings, family gathering

Time to go : spring, autumn

Where to arrive : Hyères 

How to go : Wine&Spirit Lodging takes you to the private wine estate having accomodation and they got a loyalty program to credit your journeys!