The environment

I love the way the establishments located in the Maures forests are usually hidden from the road and that you have to wait and salivate before arriving in front of them! There is always something magical when you arrive, they know how to keep you in suspense.

This is what happened when arriving at Château Saint Roux after a 10 min drive surrounded by livingfree environment of vineyards and forests. A magnificient reddish building is facing you ! Why red? Because the iron and bauxite from the surrounded soils were used to construct the Château and the result is amazingly beautiful!

If you want you can stay here a week without getting bored! There is everything you need on site : a restaurant, a fine product shop, a coffee shop with a nice fireplace during the winter, events during the summer time, brunch on sundays, a cheese factory and you can actually say hi to the goats wandering around or hiking their tower like it is common to see in South Africa and many space around to enjoy the scenery!

The B&Bs

Perfectly decorated by the landlord who loves to bargain hunt and find treasures with the help of her interior set designer, the B&Bs are very charming and welcoming. Every furniture has been thought of to fit where it should be and the result is worthy of luxury hotels with a provencal style. All rooms have a view on the garden and the vineyards.

The appartment

Very spacious area decorated in the same spirit than the B&Bs, the apartment can become a maze for the one who will not pay attention to all the connected doors there is! Traditional materials either for the floor, the ceiling and the decoration.

And what about the cellar and the vineyards?

Very modern cellar with all the highest technicity that can be required to make a great rosé.

40 hectares of vineyards are surrounding you and nothing else (apart form some pine trees). Many are quite young as they ware replanted and the conduct is turning to organic for 2019. Not surprising as everything realized here : the cheese, the vegetables, the environment is just a perfect spot to let nature work the most possible.

Perfect if you are a nature lover and if you have kids

Time to go : autumn

Where to arrive : Toulon, Fréjus, Draguignan

How to go : Wine&Spirit Lodging takes you to the priavte wine estate having accomodation and they got a loyalty program to credit your journeys!