The environment

Before arriving at Domaine du Grand Guilhem, you will turn and turn and turn (or maybe I was not feeling wee on that day) but the reward is at the end of the turns…. Believe me ! Nestled in a tiny village of the wine region of Corbières you will feel surrounded by nature, calm and serenity (actually the area is called « paradise valley » no wonder why!).

There is a big green door to welcome you at the winery at the entrance of the master house and it really gives the eager to push it and see what is behind.

And what is behind is not only a traditionnal, ancient (but renovated) house with all the comfort needed but above all is the kindness of your hosts : Séverine and Gilles.

Arrived in the 2000 to start their lives over after another life in Paris, they decided they wanted to live green and challenge themselves and put up their sleeves to start over the vineyard (abandonned at the time when they arrived) and to make it to what it is today. A physical and mental strength was necessary as organic was not realy what was in winemakers minds at the time…

So lets visit this unique property where you can meet Séverine and Gilles and enjoy their environment for a while in their B&Bs or in their Gites.

The B&Bs

On 3 floors, the B&Bs are quite identic in style : english with furniture and antiques from several continents but always in a very harmonious setting. Large bedrooms connected to huge bathrooms with baths and a lecture room next to it. You will not want to live your room again! Unless you read this blog and know there is much to do outside too 🙂

Breakfast in the morning will be served in the main dining room and you will be able to admire the huge collection of tea pot that Séverine has gathered over the years! Impressive! The dining room is very welcoming and breakfast is served only with fresh products and delicious breads.

After that depending of the season you might want to feel like having a dip in the outside swimming pool or chilling in the reading room with plenty of books next to the kitchen. The house is almost yours!

The Gites

More moderns, the gîtes offer you plenty of space and independance (as they are a little more up the road) if you are spending time with family or friends. On the highest floor you will find back the style of the main house in the dining room and the reading room. In summer you can also enjoy a jacuzzi!

And what about the cellar and the vineyards?

There are located up the road. You can go walking or running in the vineyards but get ready to struggle a bit with the hills ! You will be warned ! Old vines treated in the purest way, with no trellising mainly, you will be able to see vines as they were in old times, growing on their own with plenty of space to do so surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Valley of Paradise.

The cellar is special as first it is tiny but you can’t be closer to the wine in production enjoy it! Then the wine is aged in egg shaped clay tanks as it was before. You will not see those ones everywhere even if they become more and more common with winemakers working the more natural possible (with no intrants as chemicals or pesticides).

Perfect for nature lovers and people who like to feel far from home.

Time to go : any

Where to arrive from : Béziers, Narbonne

How to go : Wine&Spirit Lodging takes you to the priavte wine estate having accomodation and they got a loyalty program to credit your journeys!