The environment

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a barrel? Acheive your dream at Clos du Grand Bois and live a night like no other…

Anthony is a passionnate and workawholic man. He decided in 2010 to convince his father to go away from the cooperative (the 3rd cooperative in France, in volume) of the Lugny village where the family was selling its grapes for 5 generations now. A project is led from scratch building new buildings to receive the harvest, make the wine and storage the bottles. Since 2013 is now sell his own wines under the signature Joseph Lafarge (his grand dad) and not only he sells them, he sells them mainly at the property welcoming guests from all around the world.

The second bet he took at that time was to go for wine tourism and to attract guests to come and taste the wines dircectly at the property, something that was more and more common in France at that time. But what was not common was having big barrels arriving from the air and settled at the property to be transformed into bedrooms for his clients !

Such a risky and paid bet as he has now so many recognition for his wine barrels that he could attract guests coming form all around the planet for his great pleasure and the one of his dad, who couldn’t be more proud that having a son taking a complete new direction and making the most of it.

The Wine-barrels

So let’s talk about the barrel, ok it is a proper barrel were wine was made inside, no it is a barrel specificly done for the purpose of sleeping. All in oak, with a bedding area that could make jealous some of the nicest hotels, a little terrace at the front and all the necessary to spend a dreamy night.

Of course you will have to go to the common facilities for shower and restrooms but be reassured that you will not feel like at the public swimming pool ! Hell no, the showers are clean and tiny, same for the restrooms. And you will find plenty of towels, products, hairdryer…

What about the cellar and the vineyards?

Well as I said Anthony has started from scratch all the winemaking process so all the equipment is brand new. Every day a walking tour is organised with a visit of the vineyards, a visit of the cellar and of course all of this ends with a wine tasting.

It is a very walk you will do with a view on the Mâcon Lugny vineyards around.

Don’t miss it !

Perfect for couples, families

Time to go : any 

Where to arrive : Lyon, Mâcon, Châlon Sur Saone

How to go : Wine&Spirit Lodging takes you to the private wine estate having accomodation and they got a loyalty program to credit your journeys!